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What to Expect at Beech Chiropractic

New Patient Forms

Please download, print, and complete these forms so you can bring them with you to your first visit:

Patient Intake Form – Adult
(14 Years & Up)

Patient Intake Form – Child
(1 Year – 13 Years)

Patient Intake Form – Infant
(Newborn – 1 Year)

Free AdobeReader®

Each form is a PDF document file. If you do not already have AdobeReader® installed on your computer, you can easily download it for free.

At Beech Chiropractic, we make your comfort our first priority. We always explain each part of the process ahead of time, so that you feel confident in proceeding.

Let’s Get Started

When you come in for your first visit with us, we’ll have you fill out some paperwork.

If you’d like to fill out your paperwork ahead of time and bring it in with you, you can find our printable New Patient Forms in the box at right.

After a short video that gives a brief introduction to chiropractic, you’ll meet with Dr. Beech for:

  • A discussion of your health history
  • A consultation to evaluate your condition
  • An examination
  • X-rays, if necessary
  • Surface EMG, if necessary

Your first visit should last between 60 and 90 minutes.

Your Second Visit

We’ll schedule you right away to return on the following day. On this visit, Dr. Beech will discuss his findings with you, so you’ll understand what’s going on with your body, how it was caused, and what the healing process will involve.

On this visit, you’ll also receive your first chiropractic adjustment. We’ll do our best to get you back to your normal daily activities within 45 minutes.

Subsequent Visits

Now that we’ve started and are carrying out your care plan, your visits with us will take just 10-15 minutes.

Once I Start, Do I Always Have to Go?

At Beech Chiropractic, we’ll explain everything you need to know about chiropractic. You determine how long you want to be a patient with us and what type of care you desire. We hope to help show you the benefits of chiropractic, and continuing care will always be in your control.

Call us today to get started on your journey to better health!
(209) 667-9555