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What Our Turlock Patients Say

At Beech Chiropractic we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read through some of our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us.

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Hopeful for Long-term Result

Just starting out but very thankful to have found an alternative treatment plan to work with my 4 year old. Hopeful for long term results after noticeable progress within the first couple of sessions! Great staff and welcoming environment where you feel supported.

Carter A.

Very Knowledgeable, Informative, and Thorough

Dr. Beech is very knowledgeable, informative, and thorough; and the staff is professional and friendly. I like that Dr. Beech gets to the root of the problem so that I can attain true health and vibrancy.

Priscilla A.

“Friendly, knowledgeable and made me feel at ease right away”

After needing to switch chiropractors due to location change, I was apprehensive to see anything else. Dr. Beech’s staff was friendly, knowledgeable and made me feel at ease right away. I appreciated that they wanted to know what my goals were with my health and my history both physically and with my previous provider. I feel so at ease for my next appointment and am looking forward to recommending him to my husband and family for their future wellness adjustments.

Julia Dumlao

“The staff was super friendly right from the start.”

Dr Beech is great at explaining what he’s doing and making sure I’m always comfortable. Very happy with my experience so far and would recommend to all my family and friends!

Nicole Trujillo

“In less than three months, I am happy to say I am drug free, migraine free, and pain free!”

I suffered with severe pain in my neck and shoulders and migraine headaches for several months. Years ago I had a terrible accident which caused these symptoms. A co-worker of my husband’s recommended Dr. Beech to us. They recommended Dr. Beech so greatly, I had no concern seeing him and scheduled an appointment. Unfortunately, upon completion of my corrective care program here, I discontinued my care here; I thought I would be ok. I have now learned otherwise…

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A couple of months ago the pain came back. And worse. This time the pain was so severe I had to pick my head up with my hands to get out of bed. The pain caused things I used to love, such as playing with my grandkids, unbearable and not enjoyable. I saw a medical doctor for a short time since all they ever did was give me drugs. I was put on Amitrex, but only took it for a while because I know how bad that stuff is. I did continue to take Excedrin up to twice a week for my migraines.

When I finally gave up and came back to see Dr. Beech, I was in tears because of the pain. He put me back on corrective care and in less than three months, I am happy to say I am drug free, migraine free, and pain free! I love playing with my grandkids and traveling with my family without worrying about pain. I know now that I will always have to be on Wellness care to keep my symptoms under control. My husband and daughter are also patients of Dr. Beech’s, and all three of us drive all the way from Modesto (separately!) for his great chiropractic care! To anyone considering chiropractic I would say that I have had wonderful results without drugs, and I greatly recommend that everyone be under chiropractic care!

Connie Amador & Family – Members since 1991!

“It is quite miraculous, indeed, what you have done for our family”

I have always hesitated to utilize your services due to my busy schedule. However, since finally coming under your care, I can only wish that I had made the decision sooner. The bursitis and tendonitis in my shoulder has improved dramatically. Further, the shaking of my hand, which was thought to be associated with the shoulder injury, has subsided from your overall relaxation therapy. As you had suspected, the shaking turned out to be born of tension in the upper back and neck region. Your relaxation therapy has taught me to be more cognizant of adopting mental and physical habits as well as exercises that are more conducive to avoiding tension.

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Equally impressive is the dramatic turn-around in the health of my wife, Kathleen, and son, Timmy. Ever since I’ve known Kathleen, she has periodically developed severe back pains, the magnitude of which was totally incapacitating. Since coming under your care two years ago, she has not experienced a single incident of back pain. Additionally, from the time Timmy was two years of age, he would often complain of debilitating headaches. We would take him to a physician, who would supply a pain reliever and/or try to tie it into allergies, the tests of which were extensive and costly. Most important, none of the treatments rendered by medical doctors provided solutions beyond the momentary pain relief. Since coming under your care, Timmy has not complained once of a headache. It is quite miraculous, indeed, what you have done for our family.

Your highly productive expertise and very personal and professional manner is very much appreciated, Dr. Beech. My family and I also appreciate the kind, courteous and welcome reception always extended by your excellent staff. To you, your family and staff, a much deserved Thank you, a Merry Christmas and best wishes for a Happy and Healthy New Year.

Thomas T. Yamashita, Ph.D.

“Chiropractic is all about making things possible and making your body work as a whole”

I had seen another chiropractor in the past off and on. My mother had taken me to her chiropractor once when I had difficulty breathing.

Although I was skeptical of chiropractic, I tried Dr. Beech when I had pain in my lower back and hips. Dr. Beech’s adjustments not only helped with this back pain, but also my breathing is normal. Being adjusted regularly allows me to be able to do all the functions of my demanding job with less pain and more agility. I have learned proper lifting techniques and I also now watch my posture more closely.

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To anyone considering chiropractic I would say that you can’t succeed without trying. Chiropractic is all about making things possible and making your body work as a whole. Nothing ventured, nothing gained…

Reggie Holloway – Member since 1994!

“We love Dr. B and couldn’t imagine life without weekly chiropractic care!”

In 1990 I was diagnosed with Connective Tissue Disease. I have also had scoliosis and TMJ since high school. In 1995, after my daughter was born, I had a few instances where I had pain on my side/back so sharp that it made it difficult to breathe. I also started having migraines when I was pregnant with my son in 1999. In 2002 I had an attack while picking up my two year old son. This attack was so bad, I couldn’t move and my husband called Dr. B (we are friends). Even though it was a Saturday, Dr. Beech met us at the office. He examined me and took some x-rays.

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That was when I found out I had scoliosis. One of the curvatures in the spine was causing on of my ribs to pop out, causing pain and difficulty breathing. I’m an active wife and mother of two, I home school and run our household. These health issues were affecting my ability to do my daily chores.

I didn’t start regular visits for a while, but once I did, I never turned back. I had never gone to a chiropractor before; I used to call them quackopractors. Since my regular visits, I rarely have headaches of any sort; I used to have them daily. I also used to take a lot of Tylenol, Ibuprofen and Aleve. Also, my rib has only popped out maybe once a year and not as severely as before.

Since starting care, my husband and two children have also started. We’ve noticed so many overall health benefits. We don’t get sick as often and nobody has been on antibiotics for 4 years. Even though our insurance doesn’t pay for our chiropractic care, the expense is well worth it. It’s too bad insurance companies don’t see the overall health benefit that chiropractic medicine is. We love Dr. B and couldn’t imagine life without weekly chiropractic care!

Lele Hicks & Family – Members since 2004!

“It really does work!! Take it from a skeptic!”

For years I had extreme pain in my neck and shoulders that radiated down my arm. When my children were small, caring for them sometimes was very painful. I’ve also had constant pain in my lower back on the right side for at least 15 years. I had tried traction for my neck, which would give me pain relief but as soon as I stopped the pain always returned. For the pain in my neck I went to a chiropractor in Atwater but he hurt me so bad, I never went back after the fifth or sixth time. My pain continued to get worse and I took Ibuprofen for years.

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Cheryl and John are friends of our youngest son and his wife, Paul and Rachelle. We met Dr. Beech through them when attending the same church. I first came in about six years ago when Cheryl talked me into coming in for a special they were having for a free exam and consultation. I came in and saw Dr. Beech but every time he touched my back and asked if it hurt, I said NO! I was determined; no quackopractor was going to hurt me again. Dr. Beech knew I was in pain but also knew I wasn’t ready to trust him.

I watched for years as my mother was treated for back pain-spending weeks in the hospital with weights on her legs and in tractions, suffering so much. In April of 2005, she started coming to Dr. Beech and I’ve never seen her so pain free. She complained about the frequency of visits but as time wore on she was feeling so much better. That was a real testimony to me. Our son, his wife and their three little boys come in on a regular basis to ensure the healthy growth of their nervous system.

I finally decided to stop fighting the pain and see if Dr. Beech could help me. I already knew I had a curvature at the base of my skull and had been told by a surgeon I was one of the lucky ones- that arthritic spurs formed to fuse my neck. I had some movement but was especially limited when turning left or right. I had no idea I had a curvature in the thoracic or lumbar spine. Dr. Beech recommended an aggressive regimen of treatment so that the re-education of my spine would last longer and longer. Although I am not through the initial treatment, I am feeling less pain in my lower back and I have much more movement in my neck.

I love to garden and have a large yard. Because of my back pain, it got so bad that when I got down to weed and could hardly get back up. When Dr. Beech showed me the proper way to bend and get down, it felt so uncomfortable but now it’s becoming second nature. I’m actually enjoying the garden again. I have improved in some things that I never knew could. I have allergies that always flare up at almond blossom time and do not go away until late October-after harvest. Usually, during that time I take Allegra, and use asthma puffers with Albuterol. I also usually have two or three bouts of sinus infections. It is the first part of May and I have yet to use any medication. I’ve had “allergies” for 40 years, why is this year different? My lower back has improved; while I still have some pain, it is not what it was. I am able to rotate my neck without turning my shoulders, making driving much easier, not to mention safer.

I first hand-wrote this paper and never put my pen down. At Christmas time last year, I would write on thank you note and have to put the pen down and wait for the tingling in my hand and fingers to go away. I’m positive this improvement has to do with my chiropractic care.

If you glean anything at all from my chiropractic experience, I would hope it would be to not lump all Chiropractors in the same category, if you go to a restaurant and have a not-so-great meal, you don’t give up going out to eat altogether. There is NO reason to endure years of pain. Keep looking until you get a logical explanation as to where the pain is coming from and why, and do what the doctor tells you to do. It really does work!! Take it from a skeptic!

Jan Heppner – Member since 2006!

“I have been very pleased with the results I have had with Dr. Beech, and would recommend his treatment to others.”

I was introduced to Dr. Beech and his associates at the Stanislaus County Fair in August 2004. After my spinal screening there, I came to his office for a more complete exam. I had been having a great deal of lower back pain, pain in my right shoulder, and my knees. My physician had taken x-rays of my shoulder and I understood there was not much that could be done unless I had replacement surgery.

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I have been seeing Dr. Beech for about two years now for weekly adjustments. The pain in my lower back has improved a great deal. My right shoulder can still be painful but it has developed so much more strength, and freedom of movement. Before I could not sleep on my right side at all, but now I am able to sleep on either my right or left side. It was painful to lift my arm up past my shoulder, but now I can move my arm all over. I could not lift much with my right arm and now I am able to do a great deal. I credit him with the improvement that I feel in my back, shoulder and knees.

I have been very pleased with the results I have had with Dr. Beech, and would recommend his treatment to others. I do feel that it has prevented my having to have some very painful surgery to correct the shoulder condition and possible my knees. Seeing him is far more pleasant than having to have surgery. He has taken the time to explain various conditions, explain what was going on, and how with adjustments, the situation can be improved.

I loved hiking but had not been able to do so for a while because I was always too uncomfortable. Last summer, I was finally able to go hiking again. I am so grateful!!!

Joan Ahlstrand – Member since 2004!

“Because of chiropractic care I am now able to enjoy doing the things I love.”

I have suffered from moderate neck pain and mid-back pain since 1969. Over the years, the pain and stiffness worsened and I began having daily headaches, some days I suffered from migraines. I have been diagnosed with degenerative disc disease and osteoarthritis. I have seen a number of physicians for these problems. I was given pain pills, muscle relaxers, and referred to physical therapy. All of these only worked short term, as it did not treat the condition, it only treated the symptoms. I have also tried water exercises, massage, acupressure and previous chiropractic care. The chiropractic care provided the best relief, but I just had not found the right chiropractor.

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One day, I was talking to my friend, Margaret Paulson, and she recommended Dr. Beech to me. She told me, “He really knows what he’s doing”. That was all it took for me to schedule an appointment with Dr. Beech.

Dr. Beech took x-rays and did a thorough evaluation. At my next appointment, he showed me on the x-rays what was wrong with my neck and back and discussed a treatment plan. He was very honest in his approach and did not promise miracles. He did assure me that he would be able to treat me and I would get better. He even took the time to go over the exercises that I could do and made sure I was aware of proper form so I would not exacerbate my neck injury.

I enjoy hiking, bike riding, gardening, bowling, dancing and playing with my dogs. Over the years, these hobbies became increasingly hard to do. When I came to see Dr. Beech, I could not do any of these activities without a lot of pain.

Because of chiropractic care I am now able to enjoy doing the things I love. I am not completely pain free, but it gets better each week. I no longer suffer from daily headaches and I sleep better at night. I have been able to resume my exercise program and feel years younger. My friends that haven’t seen me in a while tell me how good I look and ask me what I am doing. My reply is “Chiropractic Care!”

I would tell anyone that suffers from chronic pain not to wait as long as I did. Give chiropractic a try. The only thing you have to lose is the pain.

Thank you Dr. Beech!

Linda Gouveia – Member Since 2006!

“WOW what a difference it has made for me.”

I was having chronic pain in my upper shoulders for months. I went to the doctor and all he could do was prescribe medication. I knew I needed to do something more about it. My boyfriend was a patient of Dr. Beech’s and suggested I see him as well.

I made an appointment not really knowing what to expect. Dr. Beech took x-rays of my spine and immediately started treating me. I was adjusted 3 days a week for the first few months. A few weeks into my adjustments I noticed a significant change in my posture, neck, lower back and shoulder pain. I thought “WOW” what a difference it has made for me. I have now been seeing Dr. Beech for three years for weekly adjustments.

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I remember at times the pain in my upper back was so strong that working out was not an enjoyment. I have always loved the outdoors and enjoy practicing yoga. My adjustments have helped a great deal and I am able to continue my everyday routine and fully enjoy it without the pain I used to experience on a daily basis.

I definitely recommend chiropractic care. The well-being of your body through adjustments is crucial!

Anna Eshoo – Member since 2003!

“After being under Dr. Beech’s care for only a couple of months I am 100% improved!”

Before I started coming to Dr. Beech my worst complaint was foot pain. The pain was so bad that I started to think I had bone spurs. I am a wife and mother of two, I love to cook, read, knit and exercise. My foot pain started to cause a lot of these things to be unbearable to do. I couldn’t cook a big meal without taking a break because of the pain. I eventually stopped exercising.

I went to a podiatrist and a massage therapist who helped but the relief never lasted. I also had low back pain but it was always secondary next to the terrible foot pain I had.

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I had seen a chiropractor about five years before moving to the area, but his adjustment always produced pain. So, I was worried about seeing another chiropractor. However another family, who had been under chiropractic care for a long time, and were friends of his, constantly told my husband and I to try their wonderful chiropractor-Dr. Beech. After many of these conversations, I finally called and made an appointment for the both of us.

At the office, Dr. Beech examined and x-rayed us and on the net visit he showed us our x-rays and explained his findings. I was amazed at the connection he made from my spine to my entire body. And my foot! I was amazed to learn my foot pain had nothing to do with my foot! Once I learned how even the reversed curve in my neck was affecting my health, I knew we had to do something.

After being under Dr. Beech’s care for only a couple of months I am 100% improved! Sometimes I even forget that I ever had any of those old problems. My energy has greatly improved and I am exercising and cooking and doing everything I love without worrying about pain.
Since my husband and I started care, we have started our children also.

Now that we are all under Dr. Beech’s care, I know that the great investment we have made is paying off! I want to stick around for a long time and I know that chiropractic care is going to help me do that. I don’t want to be on a bunch of medicines when I am older, and I know chiropractic will help with that too. Chiropractic is definitely an investment in your health and overall well-being and I recommend it to everyone.

Kellie Cervenka and Family – Members Since 2006!

“I can’t believe I waited so long to try something that works so well.”

When I first came to Dr. Beech I was suffering from chronic arthritis-mostly in my hips and upper back. This had been becoming progressively painful for over a year.

I tried to medicate the pain away, starting with over the counter. Eventually I went to the family physician for a stronger prescription type medication. I ended up taking Vioxx, but that didn’t help. Then I tried Celebrex which helped some.

My wife had been coming to Dr. Beech for quite some time and was highly recommending I try chiropractic treatments for my pain. I was the typical doubter of the idea that it would help me at all. I finally decided to try it. I decided it couldn’t be any worse.

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In my original examination, X-rays verified the fact that indeed I had arthritis affecting my spine and other areas. I had already decided that I needed to lose weight. Dr. Beech encouraged me to continue this and add back exercise. I still continue to watch my weight and exercise.

I ride horses competitively for a hobby. There is a lot of movement at a high rate of speed. This would aggravate my pain and would also cause me to stiffen up, which would not allow me to flow with my horse. There was a point I thought I would have to quit my favorite hobby.

I have been receiving treatments from Dr. Beech for about a year now. I am feeling extremely better and I am competing at a better level now. I feel that the arthritis has been slowed down and I rarely have to take medication.

I can’t say enough to encourage anyone to explore chiropractic for the betterment of their total health. All you doubters especially need to try this method. I was the president of that club and will never return. I can’t believe I waited so long to try something that works so well. I have learned that conventional medicine is not always the answer. Modern Chiropractic is the way to go!

Eric Burkland – Member since 2002!

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