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Is Grain Healthy for You?

whole grains

Is grain healthy?

  • The food guide pyramid recommends up to 11 servings per day with 50% coming from whole grains.

Isn’t grain supposed to be healthy?

  • The seeds are sprayed with fungicides.

  • These xenoestrogens (synthetic chemicals that imitate estrogen) effect hormone balance which contribute to many diseases: breat cancer, endometriosis, and fibrocystic breat disease.

Are you sure grain isn’t healthy?

  • Grain seeds are doused with hormones to aid growth.

  • The grains are stored in bins and sprayed with additional pesticides.

  • Drying of the grains cause damage to it’s protein.

  • Processing of the grain adds dough conditioners, perservatives, soy flower, and hydrogenated oils.

  • Extrusion of the grain also creates acrylamide (a carcinogenic compound).

But I heard grain is supposed to be healthy?

  • Grains are a poor source of protein leading to inadequate growth.  Archeological fossil records show reduction in statue and osteoporosis with the introduction of cereal grain based diets.

  • There are low levels of EPA and DHA (omega-3 fatty acids) in grains.

  • Grains contain anti-nutrients (compounds that interfere with the absorption of nutrients).

  • Grains contain autoimmune inducing peptides for genetically susceptible individuals.

So you’re saying grain isn’t healthy?

  • Hormonal influences are linked to obesity. Much like sugar, grains cause insulin excess. That tells the body to store fat, prevent muscle building, reduce Vitamin C uptake into white blood cells – causing magnesium loss leading to cyclical hypertension (muscle contraction), and cause sodium retention and excess – contributing to congestive heart failure.

So what DO I eat?

  • Meat- A variety is okay. You must consider the source of the animal. In the case of animal based foods, you are not what you eat, you are what you eat eats.

  • Beef- Should come from grass fed animals.

  • Fish- Should be wild caught, not farm raised.

  • Poultry and Eggs- Should be free range organic.

  • Dairy- Only from grass fed. Raw dairy from a reputable farm is recommended.

  • Fruits and Vegetables- Should be any organic variety that you are not allergic to.

  • Nuts- Should be non-grain seeds and beans. Any organic variety that you are not allergic to.

  • Processed food, including food labeled “GLUTEN FREE”, are better left AVOIDED!

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